We've found 7 stair locations located across the North West Calgary area. Ranging from beautiful Bow River views to Calgary's infamous 165 stair location just off of Memorial Drive.

Curling Club
CPA Lot 59

Stair Count: 167 Stairs
Elevation Change: 97'6" / 29.7m
Materials: Wood

Edgemont Community Association

Stair Count: 86 Stairs
Elevation Change: 50' / 15.25m
Materials: Wood

Greenwood Stairs

Stair Count: 130 Stairs
Elevation Change: 75'10" / 23m
Materials: Wood

Waterfall Valley Junction
Bowmont Park

Stair Count: 24 Stairs
Elevation Change: 14' / 4.25m
Materials: Wood

Silver Springs
Bowmont Park

Stair Count: 50 Stairs
Elevation Change: 25' / 7.6m
Materials: Wood

Waterfall Valley
Bowmont Park

Stair Count: 39 Stairs
Elevation Change: 22'9" / 7m
Materials: Wood

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