Your Locations Guide for Outdoor Stairs in Calgary

Calgary Stairs is a comprehensive guide to stair locations in Calgary. In the hunt for good outdoor locations to challenge one's self doing stair workouts, we've compiled Calgary's stair information into one easy to use website with information and metrics for over 30 notable workout locations across the city of Calgary.

Whether you're new to Calgary or a seasoned outdoor enthusiast, Calgary Stairs is the best resource for planning stair workouts anywhere in our city. Stairs are organized by quadrant and metrics ranging from total staircase height to materials and condition have been listed to help you choose the best set for your unique workout goals.

Outdoor Stair Locations in Calgary

North West

We've found 7 stair locations located across the North West Calgary area. Ranging from beautiful Bow River views to Calgary's infamous 165 stair location just off of Memorial Drive.

North East

Most locations centrally located, these 6 stairs in Calgary's North East region offer private hidden urban concrete workout zones for any hardcore enthusiast.

South West

With the most regional selection, these 13 stair locations sprinkled throughout Calgary's South West offer some of the most diverse scenery and stair workout options.

South East

With only 2 locations located in Calgary's South East area. Start your stair workout on either of these straight run stairs with good areas for stretching.

Reasons Why Outdoor Stairs in Calgary are Awesome


Stairs workouts make a cheap addition to almost any workout plan.


Stairs can be ascended or descended throughout the year in most weather conditions (as long as you're appropriately dressed).


They make great landmarks to meet your friends or your bootcamp instructor (but you probably don't want to give them any more ideas...).


The City of Calgary does a great job at maintaining most stair locations regularly throughout the city.