The calgarystairs.com website is developed and maintained by a group of resident Calgarians that love to exercise and are suckers for stair climbing punishment (truthfully, it's not as tough as it sounds). In our hunt for stair locations to workout, attend bootcamps, or train for that next fitness goal we wanted to provide the rest of Calgary, and any visiting travellers to our city with what we have found.

How To Use Our Stair Information

We've gone out and done our homework. The calgarystairs.com team have gone out to locate and measure each and every stair location in an effort to provide you with the most up to date information about each set of stairs. All measurements on this site are meant to be a reference guide and considered estimates only.

Stair Count

How many stairs are at this stair location? We've counted each and every stair.

Number of Landings

Some stair locations include landings. If you're lucky enough, some even have benches so that you can rest mid-way through your workout!

Estimated Elevation Change

The elevation change is an estimated measurement that tells you the height that the stairs ascend or descend.

Stair Height

As a general rule of thumb comfortable stair height is between 7 inches and 7 ¾ inches tall. We've measured each stair to find out the approximate average stair height of each location.

Construction materials

These two metrics will give you a good estimate of the quality of staircase you will be working with.

Current Condition

We inspect every location and give a rough estimate of the condition of the stairs and whether they are safe enough to perform workouts.


The information provided in our overview is designed to give context and additional info for the specific stair location.

Getting There

From accessibility, directions, maps, and parking info this information should get you to the location. Some stairs require a little bit of a hike beyond the parking lot.